ZOMBAIO Affiliate Tracking System


Affiliate Tracking System

Create Reseller and Partnership Programs

The platform contains an integrated affiliate tracking system. As a webmaster, you are able to set up different affiliate programs with different commission rates and provice your retailers the opportunity of earning money on each sign up or continuously for recurring payments for all traffic they send to your sites.

Tracking is carried out by the affiliate linking to a specific URL, which will record IP address, browser digest and places a cookie with the visitor. When the visitor then signs up for a subscription, Zombaio's system will know which affiliate has sent the customer and can reward this affiliate in accordance with the webmaster's program.

  • Statistics (Get program and tracking statistics for each affiliate)
  • Marketing Tools (Create hosted galleries and RSS feeds)
  • Program Tools (Create as many different programs and revenue types as you want)
  • Affiliates (Search, approve and decline affiliates. Create your own affiliate registration form)
  • Payouts (Manage payouts to affiliates)
All payments to affiliates are carried out automatically by Zombaio's platform and can be executed via check or wire transfer daily (staggered 14 days). Payments to affiliates are automatically deducted from the merchant account balance.
In the next release Zombaio will be able to pay your affiliates directly to any Visa or MasterCard in addition to Check and Wire transfers. Zombaio is also setting up a solution where we can host a gallery with features like automated updates via RSS, Picture of the Day, Movie of the Day, Gallery of the Day.

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