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You can find these Questions and Answers in several languages if you log on to our billing portal: http://support.zombaio.com

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You may end or cancel any recurring billing from this website by clicking here. Follow the cancellation guide to cancel your subscription.
Log in here, click on the menu item Report fraud and fill in the Affidavit of Fraud form. Contact your card issuer and submit an Affidavit of Fraud. Our Risk Department will make a refund to you and start investigating the fraud as soon as we receive your Affidavit.
We provide billing support and customer service 24/7 for a variety of Internet vendors and merchants. Apart from providing such services, zombaio.com is not affiliated with the website providing the services you subscribe to. The owner/operator of each website is solely responsible for its content, the content of any promotional material they may distribute and the means of such distribution.
When you purchase a subscription, membership, or other product, you are issued a Subscription ID and Account statement tag. You received your Subscription ID from the online approval screen and in the e-mail confirmation sent to you immediately after submitting your order. You should always maintain a record of your Subscription ID and should use this number in any correspondence with a customer service representative. The Account statement tag is located after the description text zombaio.com* on your financial account statement.
A sales confirmation / receipt e-mail is sent with each order that zombaio.com processes. You must enter a valid e-mail address each time you that you make a purchase to ensure that you will receive your confirmation/receipt.
If your question has not been answered here and pertains to billing, passwords, or the URL (domain name) of the website, please contact our cardholder support.
Yes, Log in here, click View or Cancel Subscriptions.
zombaio.com does not handle any questions about site content or technical issues. If you have a question please contact the webmaster from the link on the website you subscribed to.
All purchases will reflect a charge by zombaio.com*ABC or zombaio.com.
You may change the card number being used to bill your membership fee by contacting us with the old number being billed, and the new number you would like to replace it with. You may do this by phone or SSL encrypted live chat. It is safe to provide your card number over phone or SSL chat, but you should NEVER provide your security code (CVV) or 3-D Secure PIN anywhere else besides the signup page.

Remember that zombaio.com will NEVER ask for your credit card number by e-mail.
One time purchases are billed immediately to your account and will show on your billing statement as zombaio.com*ABC. Subscription fees and membership dues are billed on a X day billing cycle to the account number you submitted upon purchase. Membership dues will continue to bill each X days until your subscription or membership has been canceled.
Sometimes the synchronization of logon information between zombaio.com and the website fails due to network overload or for other technical reasons. Log in here, Click View or Cancel Subscriptions, then Password problems to re-synchronize your username and password with the website.

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