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Certified Site Program

with Payment and Content Guarantee

Maximize your profit with Zombaio's Certified Site program.

Zombaio is a growing brand in the adult processing industry with thousands of processing adult sites. By placing the free included Certified Site seal on your main, tour and registration page, you will increase sales by 10-20%. The seal represents trust for the potential member with a guarantee from Zombaio that the content is fresh, updated and accessible - that we take care of any issues related to payment or access to the site. And that if we are unable to solve the problem - a refund is promised.

Zombaio's trained support staff will of course do everything to make sure access is created, content is accessible etc before issuing any refund - but the trust will always be there.

  • It's free!
  • The IPSP is the only part in the chain that actually can give the end user real trust.
  • We have access to logon data and our support center can help the customer in event of login problems.
  • If the certified site is a facade site; we can issue a refund.
  • We are there, as a helping hand for the end user - again, nobody else besides the IPSP or the site owner can give those promises.
The Zombaio Site Seal HTML code is emailed to the merchant when a new site is added and approved by Zombaio and the card networks.
You can also see your Site Seal HTML code in ZOA by logging in and click on the pricing menu. To be a part of the Zombaio Site Seal program, you need to be a Zombaio merchant.
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