ZOMBAIO Corporation


The Adult Entertainment Industry is growing day by day and the world expects to gain access to the media content anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Organizations are working hard to meet the rising demands of this “AE Era.” Zombaio’s infrastructure helps adult webmasters and organizations to deliver in the AE Era, and realize the maximum profit.We focus our company, out technology, our services, and our people towards this goal.

Our infrastructure provides core technology that allows adult entertainment companies to function smoothly and reliably on internet, every day. We provide modern, reliable and scalable billing technology and solutions for the AE Era, we call this;

A new generation of billing technology for the adult entertainment industry.

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Our History
A strong passion for technology and a fervent vision to change the payments industry. This was the fundamental concept that launched the card payment company Zombaio. The year was 2007.

Since the mid 1990s, after the internet made its real breakthrough to general usage, e-commerce became more common and easy to use. Payment systems on the other hand were more complicated. Only major international companies had the resources to develop these sorts of systems, since the only solutions available were both costly and technically advanced.

Today, Zombaio is one of the most popular processors of payment solutions for the Adult Industry. The company has around 20 employees and more than 10,000 customers throughout the world. Most of our customers have chosen Zombaio because of our customised technology and its high level of security.

Our aim is to continue to provide services that are firmly established in the market based on the latest technology. Zombaio takes an offensive role in the market offering daily payouts, anti fraud insurance and marketable processing prices.

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